Author: Charlene

Sometimes You Gotta Pause and Breathe

I recorded my first On Her Terms Defined episode (which was episode 9, The Cost of Being Every Woman – SHE Confidential) on October 22, my furbaby Rio’s 16th birthday. Rio had been seriously ill for a few weeks and I’d been monitoring him for signs that it was time to say goodbye. And I had other personal things going on as it was 2020 which meant it was time for all the shit to hit the fan.

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Episode 1: Introductions are in Order

On Her Terms episode 1 drops on January 12 delivering inspiring girl talk. Host Charlene Ketchum is joined by two fabulous podcast hosts, Tiffany Hogan host of B.A.D. Mom’s Village and Lauren Spearman host of Check on Your Strong Friends. During this episode, the three ladies share how they sweetened 2020 lemons to transform challenges into opportunities. The joys of Spanxless Zoom meetings, mental wellness, the strength of the sisterhood, elusive orgasms, and so much more are covered.

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