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Claiming Your Pleasure w/ De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson and Ashley Logan


SheConfidential podcast episodes 1-3 emphasize relationships with others. With episode 4, we will shift inward to focus on the relationship we have with ourselves.

Episode 4 highlights how childhood and life experiences influence how we view and experience our bodies. The discussion goes beyond the surface to explore how internal struggles and insecurities manifest in how we dress, indulge, think, and feel.

During this episode, clinical social worker and sex therapist De-Andrea Blaylock Johnson is joined by Ashley Logan to share resources to help women maximize the joy they can and should find in their own bodies. De-Andrea also arms parents with tools to nurture body confidence and security in their children.



Episode 4 includes discussions about sexual activity and is for mature audiences.



De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson, MSW, LCSW-S (she/her)

Bio: De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson is licensed in the State of Missouri as a Clinical Social Worker and LCSW supervisor and has worked in the field of behavioral health since 2004. She sees herself as a catalyst for positive change, serving as a collaborator and co-facilitator in healing and enjoys the journey of working with her clients. As the owner of Sankofa Sex Therapy, LLC, she works with individuals and those in all types of relationships and also provides therapy from a Christian perspective when requested. She conducts workshops about sexuality and intimacy and is a member of the Leadership Collective of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network. She also serves as a Facilitator with Theater of War Productions, completing two off-Broadway runs of the critically-acclaimed Antigone in Ferguson. In addition to being #YourFavoriteSexTherapist, she is a hunter of fabulous earrings and a baby sneakerhead.



  • Earliest memories of being aware of our bodies and the need to guard them.
  • Tips for instilling confidence in children while protecting them.
  • Suggestions for responding to school policies targeting black and brown girls.
  • The adultification of black children impacts school policies.
  • Identifies the common body image challenges for which people may seek therapy.
  • Discusses the importance of appreciating the female body in a non-sexual way.
  • The goal of sex should not be an orgasm but also shouldn’t be an excuse to accept sexual experiences that leave you unsatisfied.
  • Critical to be able to appreciate, learn about, and explore your body on your own.
  • Important to have honest non-judgmental conversations with other women.
  • Outlines the model for sex therapy.
  • Suggestions for seeking professional help with sexuality or body image concerns.
  • Offers resources for finding black therapists.
  • Describes ways parents can respond to their child’s sexuality exploration in a healthy way.
  • Explores the role and impact of social media in influencing body image.
  • De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson provides virtual therapy sessions and can be accessed via





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