Season Two


Episode 13: Redefining Relationships with Food w/ Nick Taylor


Is food your love language? For many families, it is.

In this episode we speak with Nick Taylor, chef and owner of Executive Cuisine to You, who explains how you can redefine your approach to showing love through cooking and food centered gatherings by exploring healthier options. Family health, food sensitivity, cooking with kids, and life without butter are all on the table. (See what we did there?)

Yes, you can have your soul food and eat it too. You might just have to tweak Mama’s recipe a bit.




Nick Taylor is the owner of Executive Cuisine to You, a meal preparation and delivery service company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Nationwide delivery options coming soon; follow on social media for updates.

  • If you’re in the greater St. Louis area, please visit to order some of Nick’s AMAZING food.
  • Instagram: @executivecuisinetoyou
  • Facebook: Executive Cuisine to You



  • Inspiration for starting Executive Cuisine to You and how meal preparation services can be a resource
  • Tips for making simple changes to eat healthier more consistently
  • Ways to avoid the challenges resulting from food being the center of most celebrations
  • The importance of building a village/circle to support your wellness journey



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