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Episode 22: Self-Care & Luxury feat. Claire B. Soares


Self-care isn’t a new term that’s trendy. It’s not a fad that’s going to go away.

If you’re even vaguely familiar with the term, you know it means more than just treating yourself to your Saturday night glass of wine. It’s about improving the quality of your life in ways that feel good and bring you pleasure and joy. It’s empowerment.

In this episode Claire B. Soares, founder of Up In the Air Life, a luxury travel agency, breaks down exactly what self-care means for her and why everyone needs it! Find out what made her leave the halls of corporate America to move to the beaches of Mexico and how living her best life inspired her to become the Queen of Bougie Travel.



During this episode, Claire is serving gems about:

✔️the importance of having support
✔️ living in Mexico and transforming her US residence into an additional income stream
✔️how to travel safely during COVID-19

✔️ how her luxury travel company Up in the Air Life is having a winning year after the pandemic shutdown
✔️ tips for you to live your best life






Claire B. Soares

Bio: Learn more about Claire here






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