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Episode 26: Overcoming Shaming Black Women’s Bodies & Sexuality Feat. Vanessa Geffrard


In this episode of the She.confidential podcast we talk all about body image and sexuality with Vanessa Geffrard, a sex educator and founder of VagEsteem™. We break down how Black women are often shamed for their bodies and why we don’t speak candidly about vaginal health, sex positivity and toxic social attitudes/stereotypes. Vanessa discusses how she overcame barriers and her advice for other women on embracing themselves and their bodies while striving towards self love.



On this episode, we explore how shame and miseducation has lead to women:
✔️downplaying their greatness
✔️ not understanding their bodies
✔️ missing out on pleasurable sexual experiences
✔️ prioritizing being strong over pursuing peace
✔️ believing they gotta ride through humiliation and degradation for love
✔️being preyed upon by marketers and advertisers exploiting insecurities
✔️showing up when they’re feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally broken
✔️being manipulated by religious teachings, social constructs, survival-based mindsets, and lack of self-awareness and individual purpose
✔️not having the knowledge to explore their options available to help them design their best life.

Throughout the discussion, Vanessa, with her signature wit and passion for empowering women, identifies ways that women can move towards healing and self-care.



Explicit language and discussions about sexuality.



Vanesa Geffrard, MPH





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