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Episode 28: Real Estate in 2021: What You Need to Know Feat. Brandi Washington


What would you do to buy the home of your dreams? What would you demand as a way to benefit from buyers’ desperation? By now you’ve probably heard some of the crazy stories about the current housing market. The low housing inventory is impacting everyone from buyers, sellers, investors, and renters and there are no signs of relief in sight.

Some may be tempted to go at this process alone, but the assistance of a professional is even more crucial during this hectic housing market.

On this episode, real estate professional Brandi Washington shares insights that can help anyone considering buying or selling a home or investing in real estate.



During this conversation, real estate professional Brandi Washington highlights:

  • The impact of the current housing market inventory shortages on the home buying/selling process
  • How to determine if now is the right time for you to buy or sell
  • Why renters aren’t immune to the current housing crunch
  • Benefits of hiring a real estate professional compared to managing the property transaction on your own
  • Tips for selecting a real estate professional
  • Suggestions for those preparing to buy or sell a home
  • Options for property investors



Brandi Washington
Real Estate Professional
Keller Williams Peachtree Road
Team- Kristan Cole Network

Bio: Brandi is a leading Real Estate Professional with Keller Williams & The Kristan Cole Network. She assists buyers, sellers, and investors with achieving their real estate goals.


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