Season Three


Episode 30: How to Build Credit feat. Shi Ferrell


You may know you need to build your credit score, but what exactly does that mean? For most people, it’s a mystery. No matter your financial situation, a low credit score can make getting loans and managing money extremely difficult. It can even affect your ability to find employment.

In today’s episode, credit repair specialist Shi Ferrell gives us a crash course in financial wellness. This is not a joke or a scheme, this is REAL talk from someone who has been there and done that. In the interview, we dive deeper into the steps necessary to establish credit, build a better credit score, and strategies for repairing bad credit.



During this conversation, Shi Ferrell highlights:

  • Factors contributing to your credit score.
  • How to establish credit as an adult and for your children.
  • Tips to maintain a healthy credit mix, manage your credit balances, and maintain a good credit score.
  • Strategies for creating habits and rituals that support financial wellness.
  • Ways your credit score impacts other personal and professional matters.
  • Advice for preventing and addressing late payments and credit issues.
  • Benefits of investing in a credit repair service.







Shi Ferrell
Financial Wellness Consultant
Ferrery Financial Solutions

Shi’s Personal Story: I got into the industry because I wanted to bridge the gap for other financially challenged millennials. I made poor financial decisions in my youth because I wasn’t equipped with the knowledge and skill set to manage my credit. Through the years I’ve always been the go to person that my friends and family could ask questions about restoring their credit since I battled the issue head on. I made a decision last year that I wanted to help others make better decisions with their credit. Ferrery Financial  Solutions is the brainchild of that decision. I’m dedicated to helping others shift their mindset when it comes to their credit. To educate that when used correctly, it can be a wonderful asset. 



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