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Episode 11: Married Four Times w/ Kenya Mims


In this episode, we speak with Kenya Mims, author of “Four Marriages Before 40”, as she shares some of the insights and life lessons included in her memoir.

This is not a guide on how to survive divorce, but a candid discussion about relationships, self-awareness and self-improvement through counseling and therapy.






Kenya Mims

Bio: Takenya is a Memphis, Tennessee native. She now resides in Houston, Texas. She is a proud aunt of two nephews and is a Godmother to four girls and three boys. “Four Marriages Before 40,” is Takenya’s first book and memoir. After reading this book, she wishes that many lives will be touched, healing will begin, and needed conversations will be had! She values her life’s experiences and loves sharing her story with others. Takenya’s life has taught her that life is too short, nothing is promised, to keep your circle small, do not do anything you’re not ready for, and stay true to yourself. Her hobbies include organizing, reading, journaling, and watching the Golden Girls. “Broken crayons still color,” is a saying that she continues to live by.

One thing that motivates Takenya is still being alive after the horrific accident that took one of her husband’s, Stewart’s life. You will find out more about her marriage with him in “Four Marriages Before 40.” Her nephews are other motivators. Takenya is a dedicated woman who wants to be remembered as the lady and author who did not let her mistakes defeat her. She wants to also be known for her tenacity, humbleness, being a loving Aunt and Godmother, someone who loves God, and someone who is always open to love again.

Takenya’s deceased Grandmother, Tereather has had a great influence on her life. She was the definition of strength. She helped her understand that it is okay to mess up, it’s all about what you do next that matters. Her Grandmother, Tereather was a devoted Christian. She was always reassuring and did not treat her granddaughter like a pew member. She always treated Takenya like a person she loved and wanted to see succeed, a person she could be transparent and empathize with. Takenya Mims’ career as a new author is truly progressing and successful. Within the next year, she will introduce her next manuscript to the world. She will also continue to have her present book relevant.



  • The importance of personal accountability and personal reflection
  • Challenging journey of finding a compatible therapist
  • The stigma of therapy within family circles, church, and community
  • Realistic expectations for therapy
  • Inspiration for writing Four Marriages Before 40
  • Maintaining self compassion throughout the journey
  • Process of deciding how transparent to be when writing a memoir
  • Most emotional parts of Four Marriages Before 40 to write
  • Kenya’s proudest moments and achievements



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