Season One


Pandemic Pause: Resetting Your Money w/ Tiffany Hogan and Courtney “The Ivy Investor” Richardson


This episode is for those aiming to make money moves. Courtney N. Richardson, Founder of the Ivy Investor and Tiffany Hogan, host of the B.A.D Mom’s Village podcast deliver gems on this episode.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to pivot and reassess and/or rebuild their finances. This episode covers everything from tips to choosing the right legal side hustle, how to determine if you’re ready for a financial advisor, tips for prioritizing and managing debt, strategies for credit repair and so much more.






Courtney Richardson

Bio: In 2014, Courtney Richardson founded The Ivy Investor, the resource for women seeking to navigate the maze of the investment world. Courtney is a practicing attorney and former stockbroker and investment advisor with over fifteen years of experience in the financial services industry. Courtney’s legal and financial expertise has been featured in The Huffington Post, AOL, My Fab Finance, Forbes, AARP, New York Mag, and In 2019, she was named as one of the 7 Black Millennial Financial Experts to Follow on Instagram by Black Enterprise.

Courtney holds a BA degree in Philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh. She also holds a JD from West Virginia University College of Law and a LL.M. in Taxation and Certificate in Estate Planning from Temple University Beasley School of Law. Courtney currently practices municipal and real estate law in Pennsylvania.


Tiffany Hogan

  • Host of B.A.D. (Busy, Accomplished, and Dedicated) Mom’s Village podcast
  • Attorney and real estate professional
  • Instagram: @badmomsvillage



  • Describes the Black Wealth Project
  • Discusses how Courtney Richardson became The Ivy Investor
  • Overview of Tiffany Hogan’s inspiration and goals for the B.A.D Mom’s Village Podcast
  • Explanation for why people need to have a financial plan
  • Suggestions for leveraging your current skills and interests to create additional income streams
  • Reminder to consider your specific financial and business goals when making plans
  • Importance of creating a business plan
  • Ways to assess whether an online resource is worth the investment
  • Discouraging “job shaming” because entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone
  • How to determine if you’re ready for a financial advisor
  • Emphasis that it is key to have a basic financial foundation
  • Tips for selecting a financial advisor
  • Understanding how your personal circumstances impact your finance planning needs
  • Encouragement to use online banking resources to assess your budget
  • Discipline is essential to financial planning
  • Tips for prioritizing and managing debt
  • Strategies for improving your credit score
  • Important to keep it real about where you are when building your financial plan and goals
  • Write your goals down and develop a timeline with daily tasks
  • Free resources to help build financial literacy





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