Season One


Protecting Black Women and Men Part I


Episodes 2 and 3 feature a two-part solution focused discussion about the assertion that Black women and men are failing to protect one another and outlines strategies to address the traumas and barriers contributing to conflicts.

In Part I, host Charlene Ketchum is joined by guests Latisha, Sonya, Arlando, and George to discuss what delivering and receiving protection looks and feels like for them and explores some of the reasons black women and men feel neglected. The group touches on everything from the financial barriers to dating, relationship stumbling blocks, common communication conflicts, the power of intimacy, and more.

Episodes 2 and 3, intended for mature audiences, feature many head nod, smdh, and laugh until tears fall from your eyes moments. This entertaining and enlightening discussion will arm you with insights to help you create a healthier foundation for the relationships you desire.



Episodes 2 and 3 contain language that may be offensive to some audiences and include discussions about sexual activity, domestic violence, drug addiction, and mental illness. Episodes 2 and 3 are for mature audiences.



  • Defining the notion of “protection”. What does it mean for you to feel protected? What does it mean for you to protect your partner and others?
  • What’s the backstory on the assertion that black women are unprotected?
  • In what ways do black men feel undervalued?
  • Challenges and consequences associated with women having to assume multiple roles in the household and in raising children.
  • Impact of generational curses on the way black men and women interact with one another, particularly in intimate relationships.
  • Protecting each other requires personal accountability, honest self-assessments asking what is it that we really need or want or are ready to handle, perceptions, expectation, what choices we are making.
  • Self-assessment must be done before you can meet someone else’s needs or adequately communicate your needs to someone else.
  • We must do “the work” as individuals in order to be in healthy fulfilling relationships.



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