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Protecting the Temple w/ Marquita Ell


Are you ready to feel and look good while living your best life? This episode is for you!

Focusing on what makes us feel good and is good for us rather than how we are being deprived is more effective for long-term lifestyle changes.

On this episode, Wellness Coach Marquita Ell offers an abundance of practical tips to help you start and/or maintain your wellness journey.






Marquita Ell

  • Wellness Coach, Ell’s Wellness LLC
  • Facebook: @EllsWellness
  • Instagram: @ells_tea_shop and @ells_wellness

Bio: Marquita Ell, an experienced Holistic Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, Stress Management Coach, Fitness Trainer, and Herbalist, is leading clients out of weight gain, stress, and chronic pain.

With over a decade of successfully helping clients reach their weight loss and fitness goals in the gym setting, the St. Louis based Health Coach is now clearing a path for her client’s mental and spiritual transformations to manifest. She is also empowering individuals to become their own advocates in healthcare.

In the words of Marquita, “The strength of any space relies deeply on the well-being of the woman.”



  • Wellness is lifelong and doesn’t have a finish line.
  • Important to distinguish how you look versus how you feel.
  • Wellness involves a focus on rituals and habits that support your long-term goals and examines things beyond how you look.
  • Everything in life requires you to examine what you are consuming? Are you consuming enough of what you need to feel good? Are you consuming too much of what makes you feel less than your best?
  • Consumption goes beyond food to include media exposure, the people surrounding us and the environments in which we find ourselves.
  • Focus on increasing what makes you feel good rather than deprivation.
  • Think about the areas that need to be improved from the abundance mindset.
  • It’s essential to identify your stressors and forgive yourself for past disappointments so that you can heal and be able to cheer yourself on during the challenging times.
  • Continuing to show up for yourself even when you fall short is important.
  • The problematic aspect of asserting that we are “too blessed to be stressed”
  • All stress isn’t inherently negative; important to understand how your stressors impact your body.
  • How you define “accomplishment” impacts how you perceive a “productive” day
  • Important to ask, “is my body prepared to show up for me if something happens totally beyond my control?” This is why it is important to approach wellness for the unforeseen events that can happen in the future.
  • It is never too late to repair your body. The body is always waiting to recover.
  • Healing your body isn’t rooted in behavior; it stems from a mindset.
  • Gratitude and compassion help heal the body.
  • Important to invest in our health the same way we invest in our education, job training, and other things we desire.
  • Outlines the role of a wellness coach.
  • Describes the key components of a wellness plan.
  • Identifies the insurance coverage options for wellness coaching.



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