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Reflections: A Conversation with Elaine Robnett Moore and Tanita Daniel-Chavis


Elaine Robnett Moore is a gifted artist, jewelry designer, educator, and author having recently published Dancing Out Loud: Thoughts on Navigating the Rhythms of Life. During this episode, Elaine reminds us that God and the ancestors are in us and have gifted us with all that we will ever need. She reminds us that no one is responsible for or in control of neither our peace nor our happiness. Elaine encourages us to be bold, brave, and most importantly, our very best at whatever craft we choose.

Tanita Daniel-Chavis, a self-actualization coach, intuitive reader and medium,  also joins this episode to share her light and vibrant life outlook.

Episode 5 will leave you inspired, serene, and empowered to dance to the rhythm that suits you.






Elaine Robnett Moore


Bio: Elaine Robnett Moore is a fourth-generation internationally renowned artist whose mediums of choice are beaded jewelry and the written word. Elaine has worked as an international development consultant and a master teacher in Africa, the Caribbean, Malaysia and the United States, working with bead artists and creative makers. She exhibits internationally and is published. She has served on the board of directors and as president of the Bead Society of Greater Washington. She served on the board of directors of the Bead Museum in Washington, DC.

In May of 2013, Elaine was commissioned by the government of Rwanda to write the country’s first training manual, ‘Professional Jewellery Making with Beads.’ The second edition of her book, ‘The Art of Bead Stringing, Artist to Entrepreneur,’ was published April 2015, in the United States. In April of 2016 she was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Her latest book Dancing Out Loud: Thoughts on Navigating the Rhythms of Life, is a labor of love 16 years in the making It is composed of equal parts experience, insight, wit, and wisdom. This book is designed to be a guide to those who strive to find the unique and specific rhythms of their life.


Tanita Daniel-Chavis


Bio: Tanita is a self-actualization coach teaching woman to heal and become the best versions of themselves. She’s also the owner of Gold Conjure LLC, an online shop that specializes in spiritually charged products and services to assist customers and clients with spiritual healing and work. Tanita is an intuitive reader and medium and podcast member of Marketing Mavens. Tanita is in the process of writing her first book.




  • Discusses development of and inspiration for Elaine Robnett Moore’s book Dancing Out Loud: Thoughts on Navigating the Rhythms of Life along with highlighting memorable passages and inspiring gems.
  • Important for women to share their stories.
  • Good to remind ourselves that there’s always a moral of the story, some good in the “bad”, and lessons in the turmoil.
  • Photos of Elaine’s jewelry accompany the chapters and each jewelry selection mirrors the content of the chapter it accompanies.
  • Explores how we can cultivate inner peace.
  • Acknowledges the healing nature of smiles.
  • Describes the role of ancestral veneration.
  • Emphasizes celebrating the love we’ve experienced.
  • Recognizes that we all have a purpose in this life.
  • Reminder that we must recognize the value we bring to this earth.





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