Season One


The Cost of Being Every Woman w/ Tanita Daniel-Chavis and Jacqueline Greely


Wearing the badge of honor for being everything to everyone is taking a huge toll on black women. This episode will arm women with tools to discern when and how to make themselves a priority, say “no”, and establish boundaries for themselves and others.



Episode 9 contains language that may be offensive to some audiences and includes discussions about rape and sexual assault, abuse, child abuse, death or dying.



Jacqueline Greely

Bio: If there is anything that brings joy to her life and ignites a passion in her soul is when Jacquie creates healing transformative spaces that gives women permission to live life unapologetically!  Jacqueline “Jacquie” Greely, founder of Mirrored Vision Coaching, LLC, loves to help usher women into divine love and acceptance of themselves through safe talk spaces, retreats, teaching, coaching, and womb healing.  She believes that women, through traumas, fears, abuse, can choose to live a life on her own terms and of her making.  In addition to Mirrored Vision Coaching, Jacquie is founder of Guided Wisdom Doula & Wellness which provides holistic education, support, and coaching for women transitioning to parenthood and beyond.

Jacquie holds a Master’s in Public Administration and a number of trainings and certifications as a doula, yoga practitioner, womb sauna practitioner, and other alternative healing modalities.  She has been a public officer with a federal agency in grants management for over 10 years.


Tanita Daniel-Chavis

Bio: Tanita is a self-actualization coach teaching woman to heal and become the best versions of themselves. She’s also the owner of Gold Conjure LLC, an online shop that specializes in spiritually charged products and services to assist customers and clients with spiritual healing and work. Tanita is an intuitive reader and medium and podcast member of Marketing Mavens. Tanita is in the process of writing her first book.



  • Women learn societal expectations at a young age
  • Women often develop habits and behaviors based on what they observed in female relatives
  • Trauma is often inherited and generational
  • Ancestral veneration can play an important role in healing
  • Discussions about ancestral veneration, Christianity, and spirituality are problematic because many believe that they are doing something wrong to ask questions and dissect what they have been taught
  • Men can help women discover their power and contribute to their peace
  • The challenge of being vulnerable is prevalent
  • Submission to a partner does not have to be viewed as an act of weakness
  • Self-examination requires time and dedication
  • Outlines techniques to assist women who are juggling multiple roles and obligations with prioritization and making themselves a priority
  • Therapy is a form of self-care
  • Yoni Steaming can be used for emotional cleansing and release
  • Important to define what strength means so that we can embrace vulnerability and structural integrity
  • We’re able to establish and maintain boundaries with others once we identify and make a commitment to achieving our personal goals



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