Episode 1: Introductions are in Order

On Her Terms episode 1 drops on January 12 delivering inspiring girl talk. Host Charlene Ketchum is joined by two fabulous podcast hosts, Tiffany Hogan host of B.A.D. Mom’s Village and Lauren Spearman host of Check on Your Strong Friends. During this episode, the three ladies share how they sweetened 2020 lemons to transform challenges into opportunities. The joys of Spanxless Zoom meetings, mental wellness, the strength of the sisterhood, elusive orgasms, and so much more are covered.

Content warnings: This episode contains a reference to suicide and discussions about (consensual) sexual activity.


Lauren Spearman

  • Host of Check on Your Strong Friends podcast
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Advocate
  • Instagram: @thelaurenspearman @checkonyourstrongfriends
  • Facebook: Lauren Spearman
  • Twitter: Twitter.com/podcasterfriend


Tiffany Hogan

  • Host of B.A.D. (Busy, Accomplished, and Dedicated) Mom’s Village podcast
  • Attorney and real estate professional
  • Instagram: @badmomsvillage
  • https://linktr.ee/badmomsvillage



Show Notes

  • Introductions and motivations for creating the podcasts
  • Check on Your Strong Friends was created out of a need to increase awareness of mental health struggles and resources
  • B.A.D. Mom’s Villages offers community and resources for moms, moms-to-be, and those who want to support moms
  • Pros and cons of Zoom life during the pandemic
  • Recognition that many women are silently unfulfilled
  • Understanding how topics taboo in the black community harm us
  • On Her Terms, Check on Your Strong Friends, and B.A.D. Mom’s Village podcasts compliment each other
  • Goal setting for 2021


Resources Mentioned in the Episode

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