My mom did domestic work throughout my childhood. She worked very hard all day tidying up other people’s homes while looking after their children and pets before coming home to prepare home cooked meals for us, review homework, entertain and nurture, and see us off to bed.

Mom’s days didn’t end when ours did. I know she spent many late nights calculating the minimum payments she could afford for past due bills. Doing laundry. Cleaning. Praying for us. She must have also conjured whatever magic Black moms possess (at least in the minds of their children) because every day, she got up and did this over and over again without complaining.

Now that I’ve arrived at and surpassed the ages my younger self had deemed “old” I can better understand what my mom must have been feeling and carrying behind closed doors.

Mom’s life was heavy and she pushed (and continues to push) through it so that mine could be lighter. She endured and overcame all that she did so that my life could be softer, more joyful, with me making moves on my terms.

Breaking cycles, shifting mindsets, and growing are not easy things to do. Especially not when you’re going at it alone.

My mom didn’t have a strong circle of supporters. Nor did she have the resources to prioritize rest and joy. But because of her sacrifices, I have these options. And you can too.

I created SheConfidential so that Black women can maximize self-care while boosting self-confidence and flourishing professionally. SheConfidential’s mission is for every Black woman to enjoy more fulfilling relationships, money, and career success without breaking ourselves down. That’s the flex we deserve.

Black women joining forces to heal, grow, and live fabulously is the best thanks we can give to all who have sacrificed on our behalf.

Boss moves make our ancestors proud. Black women thriving in abundantly fulfilling lives honors them.

xo Charlene Ketchum

Black women thriving abundantly honors our ancestors and all who sacrificed so that we could live our best lives.

Black women deserve joy.

Finally, more Black women are initiating and seeking conversations exploring subjects previously quietly kept. Secrets under the rug and in the closet have been silent killers for too long. The things we didn’t dare discuss have trapped us in cycles of uncertainty, self-doubt, and trauma. Thankfully, albeit at different paces, Black women are choosing spaces that prioritize their empowerment and interests. Spaces devoted to offering solutions and resources to Black women are essential.

SheConfidential is that space.

  • A podcast and subscription-based online community featuring resources to help Black women excel professionally without compromising their health and self-care.

  • Black experts dedicated to providing the insights, services, and encouragement Black women need to access the resources they need.

  • A focus on the unique interests and considerations of Black women.

  • A growing community of supportive, solution-focused, growth-minded Black women.

  • Live events to connect Black women with the information and people they need to manifest their dreams.

If you feel like you’re only winning in one part of your life (i.e. your career), we can help you expand your success.

If you’re struggling with naysayers and haters or feel like no one understands your struggles as a Black woman, we are here for you.

If you are blessed and flourishing, yet not fully fulfilled, we can show you how to maximize your joy.

If you struggle with believing that you are worthy, we can be your hype squad!

SheConfidential is for every high-achieving Black woman ready to live her best life, on her terms.

xo Charlene.

Founder, SheConfidential

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